The Hot Sheet was born over 3 years ago out of my love for the history of popular music and infographic design. Each customized volume is dedicated to the subject's presence on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Artists range from Nat King Cole to Doja Cat, and everyone in between.
The large-format poster concept quickly took off on social media, and currently has over 550 volumes posted to a dedicated Twitter account with over 20,000 followers. The Hot Sheet project is curated entirely by myself as a hobby, and has caught the attention of a cross-generation of fans, the artists themselves, as well as industry personnel.
The layout and design choices aim to be classic and timeless with a slightly vintage treatment, intentionally avoiding a current trend or distinctly modern vibe. Each infographic has its own color palette and is often based on a theme or era of the artists' careers. The Hot Sheet infographics are updated periodically, especially for current artists.